Christopher Buckner’s voice is like a warm hug…soothing, with a fuzzy texture around the edges. His brand is appropriate for spas, massage therapy, baby products, meditation, or anything requiring a gentle, comforting, and welcoming voice. With decades of experience as a martial arts instructor, and seven years in the field of E-Learning, his voice can teach and educate while maintaining a feeling of encouragement, support, and enthusiasm. Over a decade in the haunted house industry has taught him how to turn the calm in his voice into something more sinister when appropriate. He has a passion for storytelling. He produces a Dungeons and Dragons podcast in which he uses his voice to play many different characters, and to tell stories rich with fantasy adventure. Outside voice over the New England native has spent years appearing as Spider-Man for Children’s Charities such as the Make-A-Wish Foundation. He makes the best peanut butter cookies using his great grandmother’s recipe.